About - The Swiss Brunette
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About me

the Swiss Brunette

Fashion & Lifestyle Swiss  blogger

As the blog name might tell, I am a brown hair Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger born and raised in Switzerland.

Founded in September 2016, this blog comes from a combined passion for fashion, travels and digital marketing.


The savoir-vivre and the international hospitality management skills I acquired at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne mixed with the marketing and communication focus of my master at the University of St-Gallen pushed me to always pay a lot of attention to people, delicate pieces and beautiful places surrounding us.

Realising my master thesis on the topic of “Influencer Marketing”, I had the chance to meet amazing fashion bloggers with incredible personalities. Their courage, perseverance, openness, kindness and joie de vivre encouraged me to take the leap and create my own blog.

The purpose of “the Swiss Brunette” is to share with you my passion and unstoppable desire to discover new fashion trends and lifestyles from all places around the world.