Fashion Blossoms - The Swiss Brunette
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Fashion Blossoms

Hi there, me again !

I really wanted to share these pictures with you…because it is quite hard to believe that they were taken a few weeks ago in Lausanne, in the beautiful Parc de Mon Repos full of Pink Blossoms…and that I was actually wearing summer clothes at 7 in the evening…

Thank you weather and seasons for your mood swings and for being so dramatic…

Anyways, this was an amazing photoshoot! One of those that could last forever. We had so much fun with Jenny Alissa.

In fact, I love these moments when you basically completely forget the presence of all the people around, sitting in the park and wondering why you are just changing clothes in the middle of a park, posing alone with a tree or throwing flowers in the air with the biggest smile ever….…But…I absolutely don’t mind AT ALL and this makes me realise each time how much I love the world of fashion, photoshoots, art, the way clothes can be combined with people, places, lights, and atmospheres in order to embellish each piece and create storytelling and moods.

The smile on my face says it all and I am looking forward to sharing with you other moments like those ones that will for sure happen…and you’ll discover where very soon 😉

Pictures: Jenny Alissa Photography

Get the look !

1st Outfit

Grey top: Atmosphere Primark

Pink long skirt: Atmosphere Primark

Animal print shoes: Zara

Necklace: Tiffany & Co, Return to Tiffany, <3 Tag with Key Pendant

2nd Outfit

Jeans dress: River Island

Shoes: Chiara Ferragni Collection

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