White Fairy Tale - The Swiss Brunette
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White Fairy Tale

Nowadays, people live at 100 km/h…and I am the first. I never stop and always think about the next moment, the next day, the next adventure. So what about stopping for a while and enjoying the Present, your own little moment of happiness, quietness, and small paradise?

This is exactly what I did to start 2018 the right way with a clear and peaceful mind. I had the chance to spend one night at the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel with one of my best friend.

First thing first, Whitepod is located in the canton of Wallis. It’s a white paradise in the middle of the Alps, made of 18 pods like those…

Let me take you with me into this great experience…

First, we very warmly welcomed and given all the necessary tools and informations to reach our pod. We actually received the perfect mountain explorer backpack. Indeed, in order to reach our deluxe pod, we had to get ready and walk around 20 minutes in the snow…no pain no gain!

But, let me tell you, it was completely worth it…Half way to our pod, we stopped at the main Chalet where a perfect tea time was waiting for us. What a better way to start our stay.

However, impatient to discover our room for the night, we didn’t linger and reached our pod. This was it…so quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and breath-taking. From the view, to the carefully thought decoration of the pod, the see-thru ceiling…everything was perfect.

Those are the kinds of moments when you realise how lucky you are to come from such a beautiful country where you can have those landscapes 2 hours from home.

I could spend ages telling you about our stay. From the delicious dinner at the Restaurant des Cerniers, to the adventurous decision to put on our snowshoes and go for a trip in the mountains with our sense of direction close to zero…

However, to be honest, one of the most beautiful moment was walking back to our pod after our dinner, not a single noise, nothing around us except the white, immaculate snow under a sky full of stars. I think this was one of the best feeling I’ve ever had, a feeling of freedom, peacefulness, calm. A beautiful moment that I will remember followed by a restful night in the pod under the stars.

I had the chance to share this experience with one of my best friend who is also an amazing photographer and took all those clichés to etch it on our memory.

Thank you Flo and thank you Whitepod for this amazing moment I will never forget.

Photo Credit to Florence Yan-Wan Shih










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