Young, Wild and Free - The Swiss Brunette
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Young, Wild and Free

I am in this weird time in life with this little voice inside my head telling me: “ok so now what’s next ? Bachelor is done, ok that is great! And now the master as well, pretty cool! Some internships behind, well done! A lot of travelling around the world, we love that! And a lot of really insightful experiences with great people, cool!…but now…what’s next ?”

Yes ! The professional world is waiting and it is time to jump in with both feet !

I am very excited about building and discovering the answer to the “What’s Next” question, but scary at the same time. This is completely normal I guess. I wouldn’t really believe people telling me that entering the professional world is totally Easy Peasy…come on! Playing on the swings or go on the slide was a piece of cake but now it’s a whole new level!

But I guess I hold all the cards now to live my dreams, take some risks on the way and reach my goals. A job that I love in New York is the first one (strong start) and then we will see. Life is short but remember…slow and steady wins the race!

Ok, enough about metaphors and the future. What about this look! I love this very comfy Lee T-shirt that can work for a super casual outfit as well as with more sophisticated ones with a high waist skirt or black jeans. As you can see, I can’t live without my Tiffany necklace, a gift from my parents that means everything to me.

Those ripped jeans (yes the ones my mother cannot stop commenting and laughing about, telling me: “you know if you need more money to buy new jeans you should really ask”…) Anyways, I love them and they are from Zara.

 Finally sunglasses are the famous and timeless Ray-Ban Aviator and the shoes are high heels sneakers from Dorothy Perkins.

Altogether, it makes a perfect casual look for the Fall season.

Pictures: Jenny Alissa Photography

Get the look !

T-shirt: Lee T-shirt

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator

Necklace:  Tiffany & Co







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